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Industry Segments:


Demanding applications often require extremely tight tolerances, rigorous testing, and accurate certifications. Oseco meets and exceeds all requirements for aerospace, defense, and military applications



Oseco provides rupture disc assemblies for the varied applications in the medical industry. These included but are not limited to respirators, oxygen generation, imaging, and sterilization.



Transporting liquid or gaseous products requires economical yet reliable pressure relief devices. Oseco manufactures a full line of transportation discs for railcars, over the road tanks, and intermodal containers. In addition, specialty discs are also provided for custom applications.


Industrial Equipment

Oseco works closely with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to develop high quality, reasonably priced pressure relief devices for custom applications. Whether you require thousands of parts or just a few specialty parts, Oseco's experienced engineers will work with you to design the exact product you need.



The automotive industry oftentimes requires custom pressure relief devices for cars, trucks, busses, and specialty vehicles. Oseco provides an array of specialty discs for this market. In addition, we have a full line of discs to protect lithium battery cells and enclosures for electric/hybrid vehicles.



Municipal equipment and systems oftentimes require pressure relief devices to protect against damaging pressure excursions in places like water treatment facilities. Oseco manufactures a full line of discs, holders, and alarms systems to meet municipal requirements.


Specialty Industries

Oseco provides pressure relief solutions for a wide range of other industries including aerospace, electric powered hydraulic tools, autoclave, hydraulic/high pressure systems, refrigeration systems and deep-sea exploration. Oseco’s experienced engineers will work with you to design the solution that is best for your application.


Custom engineered solutions process:

1. Discovery

An Oseco specialist will discuss your application's needs and specifications.

2. Evaluation

Oseco engineers will determine if a new design is necessary or if an existing design can be customized to meet your requirements.

3. Proposal

Description of proposed product is presented.

4. Drawings

Approval drawings with detailed dimensions and specifications are provided.

5. Acceptance

You will be given an opportunity to review the proposed design and advise if it will meet the needs of the application.

6. Testing

Protypes are designed and tested per your specifications.

7. Production

Upon approval of prototype design and test results, manufacturing of production parts begins.

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