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It all comes down to pressure in upstream oil and gas well completion. A service company's ability to manage extreme pressure variance within completions is a critical component to: 

  • Providing a safe work environment in well completions
  • Reducing downtime and shortening upstream completion timelines
  • Protecting the well casing integrity

Using the right technology and processes to solve pressure concerns can help improve safety, reduce downtime and cut operation costs.

Solve problems in upstream well completions with the Oseco Safety Plug

The Oseco Safety Plug is primarily used for well protection and high pressure lines. It protects against catastrophic failure of well casings due to pressure variants or spikes. The advanced technology outperforms common spring and gas valves in four major areas:

  • Oilfield safety: By working in a similar fashion to a fuse in electrical engineering, the Oseco Safety Plug for well protection activates in just .004 seconds. This eliminates the overpressurization found in other devices under the same conditions.
  • Eliminating NPT and setup time: The Oseco Safety Plug reduces average rig-up time by at least 30 minutes compared to valve technology.
  • Accuracy: Manufactured to meet certification codes for ASME section 8 and API 520 to ensure a precise and consistent burst pressure.
  • Reducing direct costs: No maintenance, repairs or logistics associated with valve technology.

The Oseco Safety Plug is available in sizes 2" and 3".

Well Casing Safety Plug Flyer
White paper: Pressure Management in Upstream Completions
Infographic: Common (hidden) challenges of well completion and the Oseco Safety Plug
Video: Oseco Safety Plug installation

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