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Elfab Pure-Gard

Sanitary Pressure Relief

Pure-Gard is an innovative, sanitary pressure relief solution specifically designed for applications where cleanability is of paramount importance. Pure-Gard specifically addresses the challenges of complex manufacturing environments including pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and food.

Unlike traditional sanitary rupture discs that rely on an integral gasket to provide a seal, the new design is a one-piece cartridge with the rupture disc electron-beam welded between two ferrules.

This cleanable, robust welded solution offers a number of benefits over traditional solutions:

Three-year warranty

Pure-Gard is independent of the gasket, meaning gaskets may be changed yearly or as needed without having to replace the disc. Pure-Gard comes with a three-year warranty, allowing up to a 67% reduction in discs purchased over the three-year period.

Increased reliability

The one-piece design protects the rupture disc, avoiding the risk of damage at the point of installation. Pure-Gard’s structural stability also means its performance is unaffected by vent-side pipework loads. This helps reduce unwanted disc activations, with a corresponding reduction in stock and maintenance costs.

Simpler maintenance

Pure-Gard is designed for use with our the Elfab Vent-Tel burst detection system. This is a reusable, non-invasive solution mounted directly to the Tri-Clamp or sanitary fitting. It allows quick, simple disc inspection with no need for downtime to carry out the required checks.

Full cleanability

Pure-Gard meets industry expectations for cleanability with its crevice and dimple free design. Our rigorous testing program includes dye penetrate testing and helium leak testing.

Key features

  • Crevice and dimple free for full cleanability
  • Structural stability for increased reliability
  • Extended product life with 3-year warranty
  • No need for a tag: Disc information is laser etched on the side of the ferrules
  • Compatible with non-invasive, reusable burst detection that is not affected by CIP and SIP

The Elfab Pure-Gard is manufactured at Elfab’s manufacturing facility in North Shields, Tyne & Wear, UK.

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