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April 24, 2015

Oseco's Custom Plant Reviews Ensure Code Compliance to Avoid Unplanned Shutdowns

Oseco understands that delivering top-quality pressure relief devices is only half the equation to managing a plant’s safety and efficiency – the products also need to be code compliant so they are ensured to function properly in their individual applications. That’s why Oseco offers a comprehensive plant review that helps a plant’s maintenance managers and engineers ensure their pressure relief products are up-to-date, meet all code requirements to protect their system, and keep them from being penalized unexpectedly for code violations.

“Many plants don’t realize they have any code violations, until we come review their facility,” said Alan Wilson, Senior Field Engineer for Oseco. “Imagine the panic that ensues,” continued Wilson, “when an unplanned shutdown results from violations found during a code inspection.” Oseco is familiar with the common problem areas that customers have and help them to identify and avoid those problems proactively, rather than in a state of emergency shutdown.

“We’ve worked with a number of companies who had us perform a plant review that resulted in major operational improvements and cost reductions,” said Randy Blackmon, Oseco’s Segment and Sales Manager for Process. “They are impressed with our industry-highest Kr value and the fact that our engineering team and technical support staff are able to answer questions regarding ASME codes and specification sheets.” 

As a leader in the pressure relief industry, Oseco seeks to be an intellectual leader that can demystify code requirements for maintenance managers and engineers. “Our customers rely on us to know the answer and to steer them in the right direction to be code compliant,” explained Blackmon.

Oseco’s knowledgeable engineering team offers companies valuable training on disc installation and varying applications. Custom solutions are based on the plant set-up and often result in lower inventory needs and reduced non-productive time (NPT). For more information about Oseco’s Plant Reviews, or to schedule one for your plant, call 1-800-395-3475 or email

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