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March 1, 2021

Oseco Safety Cartridge now CE marked for use in EMEA markets

The Oseco Safety Cartridge unites the bursting disc with the holder in a one-piece, welded design. It solves the top three reported problems associated with the use of bursting discs: difficulties with installation, leaking, and the need for specialist knowledge for correct installation and maintenance.

 The Oseco Safety Cartridge is a single, hermetically sealed unit formed by electron-beam welding the rupture disc between the inlet and outlet. This eliminates multiple leak paths and dramatically reduces the level of harmful VOCs, HRVOCs and VHAPs escaping the plant. The Oseco Safety Cartridge can be used as a BAT (Best Available Technique) to support companies in achieving their emissions and climate goals in line with the European Union's Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) 2010/75/EU and 2030 Climate Target Plan.

 The robust cartridge is not sensitive to misaligned piping and cannot be over torqued. As the torque force is placed on the patented body rather than the disc itself, installers are free to follow the gasket torque specifications. The intuitive design makes the Oseco Safety Cartridge easy to install without specialist training. The disc dome is fully protected and cannot be damaged by mishandling. Overall, the cartridge is 75%quicker to install and reduces downtime due to overpressure events by 60%.

 Praise for the Oseco Safety Cartridge

Since its launch in America in 2017, the Oseco Safety Cartridge has proven popular and is now improving plant performance in over 3,000 installations at more than 100 plants. Here are comments from three product users:

 ·      “Using the Safety Cartridge has reduced leaks from a poor seal between disc and holder. It has also allowed easier inventory management due to only needing a single component, not two.” - Maintenance Superintendent at a chemical plant

 ·      “We no longer have to worry about visual assessments on standard two-piece designs to gauge their continued applicability in the service. This is extremely important in corrosive services, and now we can guarantee a fresh seal on a new assembly every time.” - Maintenance Engineer at a rubber manufacturing plant

 ·      “Easiness of installation and reduced leak paths have been the biggest pluses of utilizing the Safety Cartridge. We chose to upgrade since we had to change our material selection and it just made sense to also convert to the newest technology available.” - Maintenance Engineer at a chlorine plant

 This product is now CE marked and ready for use in Europe and the UK.

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