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January 9, 2014

Oseco Plant Reviews Helping Customers Modernize Technology, See Savings

Oseco, a global manufacturer of custom-engineered rupture discs, offers specialized plant reviews that are helping customers identify outdated rupture disc technologies and cost inefficiencies.

The comprehensive plant reviews, conducted by members of Oseco’s engineered team, are helping companies troubleshoot disc problems and reduce costs – just by bringing the customers’ rupture disc technology into the modern age.

“A lot of companies use rupture discs that feature 1940s technology,” said Darren Doyle, Oseco’s vice president of sales and marketing. “Composite or multiple-layer design rupture discs were great 70 years ago, but they can limit a plant’s productivity today. We’re helping companies upgrade their technology and are seeing them increase system productivity with a few simple changes.”

As an example, Doyle pointed to a large Ohio-based chemical processing company that recently experienced issues with its rupture discs bursting prematurely.  After many attempts at fixing the problem, the company contacted Oseco.

Upon visiting the plant, Oseco engineers determined the company had been using outdated competitor rupture discs that were not allowing the plant to operate at a reasonable capacity without fatiguing.  Oseco suggested use of its new PRO+KRGL rupture disc, which features a 95% operating ratio that would allow the plant to operate near full capacity without fatiguing the disc. As a result, the customer was able to see improved operational efficiencies and save roughly 25% on its annual disc inventory.

During a plant review, the Oseco engineered team reviews a company’s various rupture disc applications and attempts to consolidate rupture discs based on pressure, size and temperature. Oseco then provides a formal cost benefit proposal with a transition plan.  

“The newer technology discs like the PRO+KRGL and the FAS also feature a 0% manufacturing range,” said Doyle. “That means when you order a 100psig disc, you get a 100psig disc, not a disc marked within 10 or 15psig of your needed burst pressure.”

According to Doyle, a comparison of a 1940s composite-style rupture disc compared to Oseco’s PRO+KRGL and FAS rupture discs shows the transition of technology into a more efficient and cost-effective system. By featuring 90% and 95% operating ratios, the FAS and PRO+KRGL allow customers to operate their systems to within 90% or 95% of the rupture discs’ stamped burst pressure without the risk of premature disc failure.

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