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September 25, 2014

Oseco Plant Reviews Help Maintenance Managers Improve Plant Efficiency, Reduce Inventory Levels

Oseco knows that delivering high-quality pressure relief products is only part of what determines a processing plant’s efficiency. Those products then need to be stocked and managed effectively so that precise quantities are available when they’re needed most.

Oseco, a leader in the pressure relief industry, offers comprehensive plant reviews to industries ranging from oil and gas to energy and chemical processing. They help a plant’s maintenance managers ensure their pressure relief products are a good fit for their applications and technologically up-to-date. In doing so, they’re able to eliminate excess from the required inventory, thereby maximizing budgets and making the product stock manageable.

Oseco begins by looking at a plant’s current technology and the number of applications in use. Newer rupture disc technologies like Oseco’s FAS and Pro+KRGL are versatile across multiple applications and make an excellent replacement where myriad types of older technologies were required before. This allows for consolidation of applications and often reduces inventory on hand. The time needed to manage stock levels is reduced and maintenance managers can easily ensure that spares are available to avoid system shutdowns and costly expediting fees.

“Once we get into a plant and are able to look at what technology they’re using, we can identify pain points and develop custom solutions based on the plant’s set-up,” said Randy Blackmon, Oseco’s Segment and Sales Manager for Process. “We develop a plan to consolidate applications, simplify products, and upgrade their technology for optimum plant performance.”

Oseco’s engineering team is knowledgeable and offers companies valuable training on rupture disc installation and applications. This service brings an awareness of the plant’s inner workings to maintenance managers so that they can seek necessary resources with precision and minimize risk by ensuring correct product installation, availability and volume.

“We’ve worked with a number of companies and performed plant reviews that resulted in a full plant conversion to Oseco products,” explained Blackmon. “They are impressed with our industry-best Kr value and the fact that our engineering team and technical support staff are equipped to answer questions regarding ASME codes and specification sheets.”

Oseco’s goal is to help chemical processing companies bring their pressure relief technology into the modern age by focusing on plant managers’ awareness of safety needs and ensuring inventory levels are easily managed.

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