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June 12, 2014

Oseco Offers Continuing “Pressure Relief” Education to Chemical Processing Industry

Oseco offers continuing education seminars to give engineers and plant maintenance workers a better understanding of pressure relief technology in the chemical processing industry.

The seminars are designed to provide ongoing support for any plant staff seeking to better understand how rupture discs are used in chemical processing. “We strive to be industry experts at Oseco,” said Randy Blackmon, Oseco Segment and Sales Manager for Process.  “For us, that means going beyond the provision of products, and being a continual resource for our customers and industry wide.”

Oseco Senior Field Engineer Alan Wilson says, “Rupture discs are a last line of defense, protecting chemical plants from overpressure accidents. By offering these seminars to plant engineers and personnel, we can provide a valuable service and increase their knowledge about pressure relief technology they’re already dealing with at their plant.”

The Rupture Disc Installation and Maintenance seminar is a 20-minute presentation for plant maintenance staff. It covers the basics of rupture disc technology, including types of rupture discs available, potential troubleshooting issues, and how to properly install rupture discs into holders and flanges.

The Custom Engineered Rupture Relief Devices seminar is a longer, more in-depth class to give engineers a deeper understanding of rupture disc technology. Plant engineers learn about rupture disc uses and applications, sizing, burst pressure ranges and tolerances, and how to select rupture discs for specific uses in the plant.

“These seminars are a way for us to provide much-needed educational support to the chemical processing industry throughout North and South America,” said Wilson. “Whether you’re an Oseco customer or not, we feel it’s very important for your plant staff to understand pressure relief technology.”

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