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March 18, 2015

Oseco Metal Vent Family Offers Explosion Protection with 2-day Lead Time

You manage Spares inventory for a manufacturing facility that produces a product that creates explosive dust byproduct. A dust collection bin has just damaged an explosion vent, installed only a year ago, that couldn’t handle the vacuum pull inside the bin. Now the production line is down, unable to resume production, and relying on you to install a new explosion vent that can handle a high vacuum. With nothing in stock that meets this criteria, you call a few explosion vent manufacturers. You learn it will take several weeks to get a new one on site unless you can find a few thousand extra dollars in your budget to expedite the order. What do you do next?

Rest at ease, Oseco understands this moment of panic and offers a 2-day lead time on their stocked MV explosion vents. Among these, the MV-RD is Oseco’s most popular explosion vent, unique in its ability to withstand high vacuums. The MV-RD also provides excellent service life, backed by an unmatched 2 year warranty.

Oseco also offers convenient online ordering for stocked vents, so all you need is a credit card to get your 2-day order going. This helps customers to easily stock inventory and avoid costly expediting fees and downtime. No matter what your need, Oseco’s MV family of explosion vents offer a variety of solutions across multiple applications to protect personnel and equipment from deflagrations in high cycling and high vacuum environments.

Each explosion vent in Oseco’s MV family is designed to comply with the requirements of NFPA 68 and is calibrated to open at a predetermined pressure in the event of a deflagration. This allows the vessel to maintain its integrity while the pressure is relieved safely through the vent.

Oseco’s MV family features five metal explosion vents, each uniquely designed for a specific application:

  • The MV-RD is of rectangular, domed construction and ideally suited for high vacuum applications like dust collection and bag houses.  Its unique design can withstand vacuums up to 24.5” Hg (-12 psig). It has an unprecedented 2 year warranty and is available through Oseco’s stocking program in common sizes.   
  • The MV-RF is a rectangular, flat explosion vent designed for light to moderate pressures and vacuums.  Although a flat vent, its integral vacuum support is rated for up to 4” Hg (-2 PSIG), almost double the rating of competing designs.  The MV-RF is ideal for use in light vacuum bag houses and bulk storage, and is available through Oseco’s stocking program in common sizes.
  • The MV-CD is a domed vent designed for use in round duct work and can be rated to withstand full vacuum. The MV-CD is available through Oseco’s stocking program in common sizes.
  • The MV-CF is a flat vent that can be used in round duct work where light or no vacuum resistance is required.
  • The MV-BE is designed exclusively for use on conveying/bucket elevator applications where high vibration conditions may exist. This explosion vent is composed of thicker, more durable materials than competing designs, making it resistant to vibration fatigue and providing a longer service life. The MV-BE is designed to meet the requirements set forth in NFPA 61 and NFPA 68. Contact Oseco to place an order for your custom MV-BE explosion vent solution.

The MV family of explosion vents is now just a click away, available in common sizes, and pre-set with a burst pressure of 1.5 PSIG. The MV-BE is pre-set with a burst pressure of .75 PSIG and is not available for order online. The MV-CF may also be ordered through Oseco but is not available for online ordering. Customers can place an order any time day or night, from any smart phone, computer or tablet. Oseco’s stocked MV explosion vents are ready to ship anywhere in the U.S. in just two days. 

The MV online store lists available explosion vents, sizes, and pricing and only takes a few minutes to complete the ordering process. If a needed size is not listed, customers can fill out a quote form and will be contacted by Oseco within one business day to determine the best custom engineered solution for your application.

For more information about Oseco’s Explosion Vent online store, call 1-800-395-3475 or email

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