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December 19, 2014

Oseco Expands Team of Pressure Management Consultants to Offer On-Site Analysis of Pressure Pumping Solutions

Oseco is expanding their team of Pressure Management Consultants (PMC’s) to be evermore present and available in the field. Oseco understands the challenges and risks faced on the well site, for service companies, operators, and producers alike. The PMC’s are equipped to provide on-site analysis and guidance to improve antiquated pressure relief systems.

Oseco’s Safety Plugs offer three levels of protection in the field, including ground iron protection, well casing protection, and pump protection. Sometimes pressure spikes occur that are not always measured properly in older-technology systems. These spikes can damage valuable equipment and lead to extended non-productive time (NPT) if the existing pressure relief technology is not fast-acting enough, or is not sized and installed properly.

Oseco PMC’s can help to ensure that ground iron doesn’t have to be recertified or scrapped unnecessarily. They can help to ensure that well casings do not crack, and that fluid ends and valves are not over pressured. By analyzing existing solutions, they are able to see where the pain points are, help to reduce NPT, and recommend custom solutions from Oseco’s industry-best technology. Their well-site review can also help provide tools needed to more efficiently plan inventory needs and eliminate excess inventory waste. 

“Our service to our customers doesn’t end at the sale of our product,” said Bob Evans, Oseco’s Energy Segment Manager. “We provide troubleshooting assistance and guidance through our PMCs, that completely sets us apart from other companies.”

Nearly every operator now requires oilfield service companies to provide a safety relief device to protect casing and other equipment installed within the well. Oseco has a long history of producing a wide range of pressure relief products used by well service and E & P companies -- from the first phases in drilling to setting up a well for production. Oseco’s PMCs help customers specify the proper sized solutions while taking into account the extreme conditions in the oilfield.  

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