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March 29, 2016

5 Step Plant Review Increases Safety and Efficiency

Top-quality pressure relief products are only part of the equation to managing your plant’s safety and efficiency. There are other factors to consider, like meeting code requirements that ensure the safety of maintenance staff and proper functionality of equipment.

Oseco, a leading manufacturer of pressure relief devices, goes beyond the provision of industry-best safety products. Oseco’s team of engineers and industry experts works with plant managers to perform comprehensive plant reviews. They look for code violations, improper installations, and opportunities to consolidate applications or upgrade technologies. The Oseco team helps customers to identify their problem areas and offers solutions before a potential emergency or code-violation.

What issues will a plant review identify?

According to Oseco engineers, plant reviews nearly always result in identification of code violations. Their most common findings include:

•    Rupture discs protecting safety relief valves that are not monitored for pressure in the cavity between the rupture disc and the valve

•    Rupture discs that are rated above the MAWP (Maximum Allowable Working Pressure) of the vessel

•    Rupture discs that are installed in holders made by a different manufacturer

•    Rupture discs that are installed with restricted piping

•    Rupture discs that are installed upside down

•    Out-dated rupture disc technologies in place that reduce performance efficiency

Additionally, Oseco’s plant reviews tend to reveal multiple rupture disc models and brands across similar applications. Due to varying installation procedures among models, there is a greater risk of installation error. This can lead to early rupture disc failure, costly expediting fees for rush-replacements, and even life-threatening emergencies. Oseco can improve plant performance by consolidating applications with high-performing rupture disc models. This simplifies installation procedures and can reduce inventory for a more manageable spares budget.

The plant review process

Every plant review consists of five steps:

1)    Introductory Discussion: Oseco begins a plant review by meeting with the plant’s maintenance, operations, purchasing and management teams. They discuss the teams’ needs, concerns, and expectations for the plant review.

2)    Gather Field Data: Oseco then tours the plant facility, guided by plant personnel to ensure that all safety regulations are followed. They identify applications, observe their locations, and visually inspect for code violations or other areas of concern. The Oseco team also gathers information about the relief valves, piping, and vessels that all rely on the proper function of their respective relief devices.

3)    Inventory analysis: After gathering field data, Oseco works with the plant’s maintenance and purchasing managers to understand inventory and buying patterns. They identify any obsolete stock or redundancies and begin to identify which applications might be consolidated. They look at recent order history to identify patterns indicative of pain points. Unplanned emergencies are easily identified by rush shipments and costly fees for expediting replacement parts.

4)    Engineering analysis: Field data is then compiled and analyzed by Oseco engineers. They compare existing solutions and identify those that may be improved with a newer-technology solution. The analytic stage of the review yields a list of code violations, application comparisons, and opportunities for upgrading or consolidating inventory.

5)    Proposal: Finally, Oseco makes a proposal for improvement. They show comparative data that demonstrates the difference between current conditions and the proposed future state of their plant’s performance. A budget comparison also lets managers see potential improvements to buying patterns, inventory levels, and expediting fees.

The Overall Benefit

According to plant managers, the biggest benefit of an Oseco plant review is the reduction of disc failures caused by performance issues. Oseco recommends upgrading rupture discs to high-performance models where possible. Doing so helps to mitigate such issues caused by outdated technology, and reduces unplanned equipment shutdowns, by extension.

An Oseco plant review removes the guess work from improving plant performance. Oseco’s final proposal allows customers to see the side-by-side comparison of the current-state and Oseco’s proposed-state for their plant. They can see exactly what benefits stand to be gained in selecting alternative rupture disc models and consolidating their applications.

For more information about Oseco’s plant reviews, call 1-800-395-3475 or email to discuss your plant’s needs.

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