Industrial Applications


Oseco offers custom and leading pressure solutions for various industries including fire suppression, railcars, and power.

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A military contractor contacted Oseco with a design issue. The use of lithium batteries in their application presented an explosion risk and they needed an innovative solution.

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Industry Applications


Oseco provides rupture disc assemblies for the varied applications in the medical industry. These included but are not limited to respirators, oxygen generation, imaging, and sterilization.


The automotive industry oftentimes requires custom pressure relief devices for cars, trucks, busses, and specialty vehicles. Oseco provides an array of specialty discs for this market. In addition, we have a full line of discs to protect lithium battery cells and enclosures for electric/hybrid vehicles.


High voltage transformers often utilize a rupture disc to protect the tank on high voltage transformers.

Circuit Breakers

Special high performance rupture discs are used to protect high voltage SF6 gas circuit breakers. The rupture disc design is normally customized for the breaker.

Tank & Bottle Overpressure Protection

Small rupture disc assemblies are used to protect the pressurized bottles against over pressure during filling, transportation, or while in use.

Agribusiness Conveying & Bucket Elevators

Many different types of dust are found in the agricultural industry. Sources include grain, cotton and flour. Many if not all are moved from one location to another through different methods of conveying that include: pneumatic, screw, belt or through the use of a bucket elevator system. Each of these need explosion venting. The code requirements for conveying systems can be found in NFPA 61.

Agribusiness Storage

Agricultural dust is just as deadly in a silo as it would be in a conveying system. Fine dust is always present in silos containing wheat, corn, flour, and other agricultural products. Proper venting can help reduce the damage of a contained deflagration.

Plastic Bag Houses

When it comes to protecting a baghouse or dust collector, you need a vent that can withstand extreme vacuum conditions to maximize your collectors potential. Oseco offers the best vents for your baghouse applications.

Powder Bulk Storage

In a number of industries, working with and storing powders are a critical part of the manufacturing process. Managing such substances require special attention with regards to explosion venting.

Metal Working Dust Collection

The dust a metal shop produces is divided into two general categories: 1) Large dust particles, chips, shavings and 2) fine metal dust. The fine metal dust is extremely combustible and a collection system needs the correct vents.

Plastic Bulk Storage

It's not just wood dust that is dangerous; dust from rubber, grain, sugar, plastics, metals and other materials are as hazardous or even more so than wood dust.

Tank Car Overpressure Protection

Transporting liquid or gaseous products requires economical yet reliable pressure relief devices. Oseco manufactures a full line of transportation discs for railcars, over the road tanks, and intermodal containers. In addition, specialty discs are also provided for custom applications.

Custom Engineered Solutions

Oseco's rigorous engineering process begins with discovery and evaluation to determine your needs and the best solutions to those needs. We work alongside you during the rest of the process. Curious what we can provide to your industry? Learn more about our full process below.

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