Oseco’s pressure solutions help upstream service companies and operators improve safety, reduce downtime, and cut operational costs.

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Pumping companies have saved hundreds of man hours in resetting and rebuilding traditional relief valves by switching to Oseco Safety Plugs.

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Well, Iron, & Truck Protection

The Oseco Safety Plug functions like a fuse to protect Well, Iron, and Truck from overpressure events in upstream oil completions. Activating in milliseconds, the Safety Plug protects assets against pressure spikes that may otherwise go undetected.

Downhole Tools

Oseco offers a large all-thread burst plug with 1/2" NPT for tool activation, as well as a small all-thread with 1/4" NPT for activation when space is limited.

Compressor Rupture Discs

Gas compressors traditionally use a relief valve for a primary relief device. Oseco manufactures high performance rupture discs that require almost no maintenance and can stand up to the high vibrations a compressor can cause. When a burst disc is paired with an Oseco burst sensor, compressors can be shut down in the event of an overpressure, saving environmental damage.

Separator Rupture Discs

Rupture discs are generally used as secondary relief devices on production separators. The rupture disc's pressure is set higher than the safety relief valve. If the relief valve cannot handle the upset in the separator, the rupture disc activates to relieve the upset. Oseco also manufactures burst sensors that can be simply hooked in with the separators automation. In the event of an overpressure, the burst sensor will shut down the separator saving environmental damage and thousands of dollars in clean up.

Oilfield Solutions

Oseco understands the need for high quality pressure relief devices in the energy industry. Oseco produces a wide range of rupture disc products used from the first phases in drilling to setting up a well for production. Check out our solutions below to see all the improvements Oseco brings to the oilfield.

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