2" Safety Plug

High Pressure Pumping

The Oseco Safety Plug is a high pressure relief device for oilfield pumping applications.  It can be used to protect the fluid ends, as well as the high pressure lines on well site, without the downtime of manually adjusting/testing a traditional relief valve.

High Pressure Line Protection
The 2" Oseco Safety Plug can save time and money by eliminating pop-off rebuilds and tuning/adjusting valves in the field.  The Oseco Safety Plug comes preset to the specified burst pressure, with certification paperwork documenting lot accuracy.  The unit can be installed in seconds.

Fluid End Protection
Transducers with kick-outs can slow pumps but do not immediately relieve pressure.  The Oseco Safety Plug is the perfect passive safety device to prevent dangerous and costly accidents (such as pumping against a closed valve).  Operators specify the Safety Plug at the maximum pressure of the iron to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

Need more information on the Safety Plug?  Contact a specialist at 918-259-7166 or email info@oseco.com.

  • 2" 1502 Connections
  • Flow rate: 36 max Barrels Per Minute (BPM)
  • Designed to be non-fragmenting
Frac Pumps
Iron/Well Equipment Protection
Acidizing Pumps
Cement Pumps
Backside Well Protection

Safety Plug Flyer